Menzione speciale della giuria al Festival GAI - 73° Mostra del Cinema di Venezia

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113 is a short movie in between a documentary and a trailer. The movie, directed by Luca Maria Piccolo, talks about a protagonist, a place and characters really existing and the short movie it’s the result of a plot made of two narrative threads: documentary moments alternating with moments of pure musical fiction with a surreal flavour. The protagonist, Angelique, is a no longer young singer of Milan who, after a modest career around the world with her husband Jeanpaul, opened a club, the 113. In there, the Angelique and Jeanpaul resound their original musical repertoire of old enthusiasms and the hopes of the past are now blurred. Marked by betrayals and lack of success, the singer takes refuge in a very personal reality mixed with memory and imagination, in which hidden desires are realized, unconscious vendettas are exorcised and the spatial border of the 113 is abandoned to make space to her imagination. The film is interpreted by the real Angelique San and is accompanied by the original music of her repertoire.